Self Clinching Fasteners

Self-clinching fasteners are manufactured to attach components to sheet metal to ensure the fittings to hold hard attachments & torque loads. They are also wonderful for parts assembly which may be required to replace and where loose nuts and hardware would be suitable. These self clinching fasteners create permanent and reusable threads and will not loosen after installation.

The advantages are tremendous if the right design of self clinching fasteners is applied and we have a range of suitable fasteners to meet varied requirements and applications. We manufacture dozens of types and hundreds of variants of self clinching fasteners. They are usually made from Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium. Self clinching fasteners can be installed permanently in thin ductile metal sheets by pressing them into a properly sized hole and pressing inside. These forces relocate and shift sheet material to flow into a circular groove made in the shank or pilot of the self clinching fastener locking it permanently. The knurled clinching ring, serration, ribs, or hex head profile prevents the fastener from rotating in the metal when tightening torque is applied to the matching bolt or screw.


Standard Self Clinching Fasteners are manufactured in the variants of Self Clinching Nuts, Clinching Studs, Clinching Spacers and Standoffs.