Automotive Fasteners


Darshan Automotive Industries has a wide capacity to develop and manufacture Automotive Fasteners and Allied products that are important for specific use in automobile industries. The applications of our Automotive fasteners products are wide and varied in various automotive sectors like Body Parts, Automobile Accessories, Auto lights and Horn Industries etc.

Since most of the automotive fasteners are designed for specific application, we have facility to produce them best suitable to your applications and satisfaction. Dedicated to continual improvements, 100% on-time delivery and zero defects, Darshan Automotive Industries is committed to meeting and exceeding its customer’s expectations in quality and delivery. With a wide range of cold forging machineries, Darshan Automotive Industries is uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of Automotive Fasteners.

Darshan Automotive Industries has a strong potential and known for making difficult products that other industries will not attempt, and is excelling at them.

Our total quality system adopted at Darshan Automotive Industries has helped us to maintain a standardization of measurement, reduce variation in operations to guage and guage to part variation. We are experienced in screws parts, gaining excellent reputation worldwide and shipping the products to suppliers all over the world. Thus, these encourage us to continuously enhance our operating procedures and keep up to date with the latest SOP standards. Our principle is to maintain top quality at a reasonable price, while satisfying our customers at the same time, providing fast and efficient service. To meet the compliance required by the industry, we have facilities to provide RoHS compliant fasteners for automobile industries  

We manufacture special fasteners in various head shapes and drives. 



IS, DIN, JIS, ANSI, BS, IFI, ISO, Drawing, Sample

Standards :

DIN84, DIN85, DIN963, DIN964, DIN965, DIN966, DIN7985, DIN933, ISO7045, ISO7046, ISO7047,



Philips, Pozi Drive, 6-Lobe, Slotted, Indented, Trim, Square, Fully Upset, Combination Drive Recess

Heads :  Pan Head, Flat Head, Oval Head, Truss Head, Round Head, Binding Head, Hex Head, Hex Washer Head, Fillister Head,
Hex Flange Head, Wafer Head
Product Length           :    Dia M2 to M12 and Length 4mm to 300mm.

Material :

A2, A4, SUS 302HQ,SUS 304M, SUS 305J1, SUS 316, SUS 410,SUS 430

Threads : 

 Metric, UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF, BA and Acme



Major Advantage        :         

  • Sturdy Raw Material to provide required Torque Values
  • Best Tool Designing by our engineers experienced team
  • Manufactured with Precise imported tools and dies
  • Quality maintained by Short Interval Controls
  • Proper Heat Treatment to give best results in fitments
  • Least Corrosion as surface treatment / plating done with predetermined chemical process.